Lighting news

Lighting news.

There is an option, to illuminate the entire apartment in the near future. Therefore, that we have a new one 2014 a year, maybe there are some new collections or something in the lighting industry. The decor is generally very modern, so we are looking for new products. You can recommend something or advise on this matter?

As a rule it is, that the new year brings us some news and new prices. Some do not wait and bring new articles to the market on an ongoing basis. Therefore, the products, which were released at the end of the year are also on top and delight with their design. I think, that lighting an apartment is a very complicated task therefore, that there is a lot going on in this industry. Lighting is not only a utility function, but a decorative function for some time. Designers are constantly creating new and interesting lamps. The choice is huge.

Personally, I am delighted with this, that are now available to individual customers, for individual assembly of home lighting systems, among others, for atypical rooms with individual needs, but not only. If we have well-placed lighting, the house is friendlier and more functional.

I agree that the rail systems turned out to be the most friendly, which I have used in many rooms. I am most satisfied with the wardrobe where the lighting resembles that of clothing stores, we also have clothes on such hangers and our wardrobe resembles a small boutique.

It sounds quite interesting, although I would rather prefer, to make my apartment look cozy after all, not like a boutique.

I happened to have a living room with a huge bookcase with books to buy a decorative ceiling with dried maple leaves embedded in the outer coating. It makes a colossal impression, but it does not do enough light. Lighting was needed, to read these books. Fortunately, even the floor lamps for this occasion were dusted off.