ABC developer – Economic activity

The quintessence is contained in two words. Developers know about it.

Economic activity is a form of entrepreneurial activity. It concerns people operating on the market. Sources speak about economic activity, inter alia, the Act on the freedom of economic activity. It is a gainful activity of a manufacturing activity, construction, commercial, or service.

The act on personal income tax speaks about economic activity: is a gainful activity, on its own behalf, regardless of the results of the activities, but performed in an organized and continuous manner, the revenues from which are not included in other revenues from the sources mentioned in art. 10 paragraph. 1 point 1, 2 i 4–9.

Is also, or maybe most of all, it is about economic activity in the VAT Act: economic activities there include, for example, all the activities of producers, merchants or service providers, also then, when the activities were performed on a one-off basis under the circumstances, which indicate the intention to perform activities of a frequent nature. Economic activity also includes the activity of using goods or intangible assets on a continuous basis and for commercial purposes.