ABC developer – surveyor

Who among us does not know who the surveyor is. If the developer doesn't know, means he's not a developer.

Surveyor is the name of the profession. Applies to a person dealing with geodesy. Surveying is a science of 1. Determining the size and shape of the Earth as well 2. Determining the location of points on its surface. The result is a geodetic field survey and single chamber work. The result is various types of graphic design, such as a map or profile. Also a text document of a legal nature (for example, when demarcating real estate).

Before World War II, the profession of a surveyor meant people dealing with geodesy as a scientific discipline (it was strictly a field of knowledge). On the other hand, a person in the field, dealing with surveying, performing geodetic works related to the measurements of small areas (lower geodesy), he was a sworn measurer and was a person practicing the profession of public trust. This division was part of the Polish tradition, but it has changed for political reasons after 1945 year.

So that the surveyor could perform independent functions in the field of geodesy and cartography, it is necessary to have professional qualifications, acquired during field studies