ABC developer – investor

The developer is an investor, So let's pay attention to who he is at the root.

A natural person, a legal entity or an organizational unit without legal personality, which invests time-free financial resources in profitable ventures. The investor is an economic entity, which, in an environment containing risk, is intended to make an equity investment by creating conditions or purchasing property, for example, industrial plants - also as an intermediary for the production of goods or service purposes for future consumption and directly for the purpose of generating future returns on invested capital. The investment process thus enables the introduction of extended social reproductions, that is, achieving generally understood economic growth.

The developer is also an investor involved in stock exchange trading, for example, purchasing securities, or works of art or simply assets for the purpose of profiting from future increases in their value (or in the case of equity securities, also dividend income).

Developer as an investor, makes an investment, bearing the risk of receiving a refund or receiving it within a certain period of time under certain conditions, taking into account also the risk of loss on the invested capital, and by bearing the risk of gains or losses on the assets invested. Due to the risk involved, investors generally expect a premium on their investments.