Developer ABC – management

Good management, they are good developers. Skill worth its weight in gold.

Management is the overall scope of activities. It deals with processes and decisions. Management applied to resources, people, capital or organization is to provide the conditions for, first of all, their effective functioning, leading, po drugie, to achieve the set goals.

With the beginning of the 20th century, there has been an attempt to base management on a scientific basis, up to years 60. In the 1980s, management was understood in strictly managerial terms, as a form of managerial action, including the following sequences, related to planning, organizing, deciding, motivating and controlling, which were called classic management functions.

In the field of classic management functions, the first management "classic" has become famous, Henri Fayol. Since then, however, the management paradigm has changed radically, so it's worth paying attention to the older one, more general definitions: management is the art or practice of rational use of means to achieve the set goals.

When referring to business organizations, the term business administration is sometimes used in place of the word management (ang. Business Administration).