Developer ABC – Civil Code

The entire system operates based on the Civil Code. Also developers.

Civil Code (abbreviation of the Civil Code. or in the legal language of the Civil Code) is a systematic solution. A solution according to specific rules (which refer to the pandectic systematics). The Civil Code is, in essence, a collection of legal provisions, and concerns the scope of civil law. This, in turn, includes at least the basic sets of institutions in this field.

The law in force in Poland - Civil Code, comes from 23 April 1964 r. The Civil Code was launched with its entry into force, with the day 1 January 1965 year, with the exception of Articles 160–167, 178, 213–219 i 1058–1088, which entered into force on the date of announcement, or 18 May 1964 r. The Civil Code was published in the Journal of Laws no 16, item. 93 with 1964[1]. The authority, which issued the right was the Seym of the People's Republic of Poland, and the obligated bodies were the Council of Ministers, Minister of National Defense and Minister of Agriculture.

The content of the Polish Civil Code

The Polish Civil Code consists of four books: general part (art. 1–125) concerning, inter alia, persons and legal acts, and the books regulating in turn: property law (art. 126–352), the law of obligations (art. 353–92116) and inheritance law (art. 922–1088). The books are divided into titles, headings for departments, sections into chapters, and some chapters into wards.