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Social Security (SISTER) is a state public institution, It carries out tasks in the field of social insurance, in Poland. It is a unit of the public finance sector.

Range of activities, the tasks and functioning of the Social Insurance Institution are defined in art. 66-72 of the Act of 13 October 1998 years on the social insurance system (Journal of Laws. with 2017 r. item. 1778) and the statute of the Social Insurance Institution (Journal of Laws. with 2011 r. No 18, item. 93).

Due to the type of events covered by insurance, different types of social insurance can be distinguished, such as: retirement insurance, whose subject of protection is reaching a certain age by the insured person; disability insurance - the subject of protection covers the inability to work or the death of the breadwinner; sickness insurance - the subject of protection concerns incapacity to work caused by illness, parenting or the need to care for, for example, a family member; accident insurance, the subject of protection is inability to work due to an event classified as an accident at work or an occupational disease.