Developer ABC – bookkeeping

It happens, that the accountant is ill. Developers feel it. Behind us are a quarter of a century of an accountant's headache.

Bookkeeping (bookkeeping) is a basic component of accounting. Bookkeeping is the registration part of accounting. Rachunkowość natomiast to system ewidencji gospodarczej. Ten z kolei ujmuje w mierniku pieniężnym i przekroju pracę poszczególnego podmiotu gospodarczego, along with the production process, is it distribution, or consumption and accumulation. Accounting is a formalized system. It reflects the process of conducted business activity. It serves her evaluation. The primary purpose of accounting is to deliver honest, and above all, a true image of the property and financial situation of a selected economic entity. The subject of accounting is every economic fact expressed in a monetary measure and influencing a change in the situation of an economic entity, its results and resources.

Accounting is the process of registering in monetary terms, and sometimes in quantitative terms, properly documented economic facts, which cause changes in the property of the management unit and its sources of origin, brings a measurable picture.